Episode1-7 Precious children

Now safely on the Earth once more, Izanagi named Izanami, who had said she would kill a thousand people a day, the Great God Yomotsu, or the Great God of Yomi. He also named her the Great God Chishiki, or the god who gives chase on paths, after the way she had pursued him as he ran and ran and ran.

It only made sense for him to do this. The Izanami he met in the land of Yomi was different from the Izanami he knew when she was alive.

He wanted to be able to think of her as a different god, one with different powers, by giving her a different name.

He also named Chibiki, the boulder that blocked the slope, the Great God Chigaeshi, the one who repels from the path. He also named it as a door, the Great God Yomi-Do.

Yomotsu-Hirasaka is now known as Ifuya Pass, located in Izumo.


Izanagi now keenly knew how wonderful it is to be alive. He thought back to the way he’d come across the taint of death in the land of Yomi.

“Oh, what a defiled land I visited. I must purify myself,” he said. He went to the plain of Awagi in Odo of Tachibana of Hyuga of Tsukushi to perform a purification ceremony, cleansing his body with water.

Gods were once more born from the objects he tossed aside and threw off from his body as he entered the water. These gods were different from the ones that had come before.

From his staff came the standing ship door Tsuki-Tatsu-Funado, “do not come from here.”

From his sash came the way of the long teeth Michi-no-Nagachi-Ha, god of long paths.

From his bag came Toki-Hakashi, master of the balance of time. (What kind of god could this be!)

From his clothes came Wazurai-no-Nushi, the lord of troubles.

From his trousers came Chi-Mata, the god of forked roads.

From his crown came Akigui-no-Ushi. (And what could of god could this be!)

From the adornment on his left hand came Oki-Zakaru, or “back-away,” the distant offshore god, Prince Okitsu-Nagisa, the offshore god of offing and the surf, and Okitsu-Kaibera, the god of the space between the two.

From the adornment on his right hand came Prince He-Zakaru, or “away to the edge of the sea,” the distant shoreside god, Prince Hetsu-Nagisa, the shoreside god of offing and the surf, and Hetsu-Kaibera, the god of the space between the two.

These six became the gods of ocean paths.


Before entering the water, Izanagi pondered what to do. The waters upstream were quick, while the waters downstream were weak. He ultimately decided to enter the stream between the two. Once there, he dove deep into the water.

As he did, the impurities from the land of Yomi gave birth to Yaso-Magatsuhi and Oh-Magatsuhi, the gods of misfortune plenty and great.

Gods meant to right such disaster and calamity were also born: Kami-Naobi the sacred. Oh-Naobi the great. Lady Izu.

Izanagi rinsed his body in the water’s depths.

Sokotsu-Watatsumi and Lord Soko-Zutsu were born.

Next, he rinsed his body in the water’s center.

Nakatsu-Watatsumi and Lord Naka-Zutsu were born.

Finally, he rinsed his body near the surface of the water.

Uwatsu-Watatsumi and Lord Uwa-Zutsu were born.

Sokotsu-Watatsumi, Nakatsu-Watatsumi, and Uwatsu-Watasumi are gods of the sea. Their descendants include the Azumi clan. You should try to learn more about them if you can.

Lord Soko-Zutsu, Lord Naka-Zutsu, and Lord Uwa-Zutsu are worshipped to this day as the gods of Sumiyoshi Shrine.

That’s right. Even though this story took place long, long ago, it’s still very connected to the present day.


To end, Izanagi cleansed his left eye.

From it was born the Great God Amaterasu, the god of the Sun.

Izanagi cleansed his right eye.

From it was born the majestic Tsukuyomi, the god of the Moon.

Izanagi cleansed his nose.

From it was born the majestic Susanoo, a brave and strong god.

The Sun, the Moon, and strength.

It was clear to all that these children were special.

This delighted Izanagi. “Who could have imagined that gods as incredible as these three children would be born after all the gods I’ve birthed before them,” he smiled. “What prized children you are. I will call you my three precious children.”

Of course, Izanagi knew that all of his children were important to him.

None could be replaced. Each had their own role.

With this, Izanagi thought of Izanami, the goddess he could never meet again with whom he’d given birth to children in the past.

He swore to himself that he would raise his three precious children with great care.