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Ekotumi Project

The “Ekotumi Project” is an organization which was established by the Japanese artist, Ekotumi.
The project aims to express Japanese mythology in the form of art.
Until this website, we expressed the stories of Japanese mythology and the way of thinking in Japanese mythology by using concerts, music and music videos, now we have decided to launch this website about Japanese mythology, which is at the heart of our art work, in several languages.

Mythologies and folklore, which are widespread throughout the world, are closely related to the climate of each country.
They mark the difference between countries, peoples, regions and their cultures.
We are going to tell the Japanese mythology, this living history, transmitted since the antiquity, in a way that is neither religious nor political, while the Japanese themselves are beginning to forget it.
We think that this is a very important subject, when we want people in the world to know deeply about Japan, its culture and its way of thinking.

At the same time, we think it can lead to a better understanding of ourselves as Japanese.
At a time when we are increasingly divided, Japanese mythology, which does not have an absolute god, may be the narrative that our world needs. needs.

Enjoy this long Japanese mythology, which will be updated little by little.

Founder Ekotumi


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About this website

This page is currently available in Japanese, English, and French.
If you want to read it in another language, or if you want to translate it, please contact us using the form.

The translation of the word “kami” is the subject of intense debate.
In this website, in order to make it easier for people who are new to Japanese mythology, we have opted to use the word “God/Goddess” in English, and “Dieu/Déesse” in French.

The texts on this website are based on the Kojiki (Chronicle of Ancient Facts) collection of myths.
The dialogues reproduced as they were written in the Kojiki are enclosed in inverted commas ” “; the others are preceded by a line -.
If you are interested, feel free to read the original.

Write to us if you would like to participate in the making of this website!


Also, for the interpretation of the words, we based on the Kojiki, (annotated version by Kurano Kenji, published by Iwanami Shoten), and Kojiki-den, by Motoori Norinaga (edited by Ôno Susumu and Ôkubo Yasumasa, published by Chikuma Shobō).
Again, feel free to read the originals.

Translators : English (Story parts) Kou Ransom
French Fabio Tatemoto
The illustrations : Sawako

Reference sites From the Digital Collections of the National Diet Library : Ref 1 / Ref 2 / Ref 3

Kojiki – Kokuhou Sinpukujibon
Teisei Kokun Kojiki
Kojiki – Maekawa Shigeemon


About Ekotumi

Artist, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, performer and novelist inspired by Japanese mythology.

Ekotumi has developed the ‘New Translation Kojiki series’, a Japanese-style contemporary opera with an original interpretation of Japanese mythology, through songs and dances.
She performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe. Also solo concerts at Paris, London, Lithuania. And at Mongolia in 2022 as her first asian tour.
Her artworks was selected and prized for “WomenCinemakers” (Berlin), “KDCC Northern Kyûshû digital creative contest” and the art festival “MMM” (Japan).
She currently performs as a unique artist who tells the world about Japanese mythology.

  • Shinto culture examination (Jinja-kentei) level 1 (highest).